How it All Started


I am a home-brewed Graphic Designer or how I like to describe myself is someone who makes things look pleasing to the eye.


It all began when I sat down to write my agendas and meetings for the day to come on a piece of paper. The next day, I was looking about to find my notes and of course, it was gone into the wind. I then realized the importance of a multi-purpose planner and wanted to purchase one. After days of researching, I was unable to find something that had substance as well as a pretty look to it whilst looking corporate. Which then brought me to designing The 2021- Outlined Planner.


Months of research, feedback from other aspiring entrepreneurs and personal experience helped me in creating the perfect planner. This planner isn’t ordinary because I was passionate about making it a wholesome bundle of self-development, goal setting, and bringing you one step closer to your success story. But why should I be the only one to use it? Which is why I wanted to share this planner for all the individuals out there who are just like me.