My Baby Moments - Keepsake Heirloom Bundle 

Capture and safeguard precious moments of your little one with our limited edition Baby Book. Curated to perfection for those who don't want to miss a thing. From Bump to 5 years, our Keepsake Heirloom Baby Book has 55 luxurious pages for your treasured memories and moments.

This Bundle of Joy Includes

  • My Baby Moments Book

  • Personalized Pregnancy Journal

  • Baby Milestone Cards ( Pack of 13 )

  • Gold Foil Bookmark

​Minimal, handcrafted, and indulgent, the Keepsake Baby Book is the perfect space to record, remember and treasure their beautiful journey. A magnificent book for you and your child to look back upon. An absolutely perfect gift for a babyshower, mom to be & new moms.


Product Details

  • Color: Gender Neutral Shade - Ivory

  • Size: 8 x 14 in 

  • Gold Foil Embossed Personalised Names for Pre-Orders Only 



  • Ivory & Gold Foil Accents 

  • Sturdy Hardbound Binding 

  • Gold Corner Protectors

  • Scratch Resistant Cover 



Part 1: From Us to We

  • The journey of finding out about your little miracle

  • First to Third Trimester

  • A fun prediction page for your close ones to guess your baby’s arrival.

  • Record events such as the baby shower, pregnancy photos, sonographies, a list of possible baby names & everything about your beautiful birth story.

  • Letters from You & the little one’s Grandparents.

Part 2: Your First Year 

  • Record your baby’s first 4 weeks and each following months upto his/her first birthday. 

  • Record special moments, their changes each month and memories you made together. 

Part 3: You are my Favourite Feeling

  • Baby’s Firsts

  • Journey of various milestones such as first trip, first bath, first holiday, first haircut, and much more!

  • Spaces for you to add photos of their spectacular moments such as first home & their tiny hands & feet. 

  • A fun section to celebrate funny words said by them. 

Part 4: Blooming with Grace 

  • The final section is dedicated to all their likes/dislikes and special memories till the age of 5. 

  • First Day of School

  • Spaces to add photos of them blooming from toddler to child.